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A power press user who employs, contracts, hires, benefits from, or is responsible for the personnel who operate and work on or around power presses must ensure that all press installation and operations comply with the minimum requirements of:

[1] OSHA articles:

      1910.217          Mechanical Power Presses- General Requirements

      1910.212[a]     General Machine Guarding

      1910.219[b]     Flywheel and Gear Covers

[2] ANSI B11.1 - Safety Requirements for Mechanical Power Presses

It is recommended that all parties involved with the operation and maintenance of a Kenco press be thoroughly indoctrinated in all aspects of proper operation and maintenance before attempting to operate or service a press.  The following press safety guidelines should always be observed:

  1. Never place your hands or any part of your body into the die area unless the main disconnect switch has been locked in the "OFF" position, flywheel has stopped turning, and the ram has been blocked.
  2. Never talk to, or distract any person operating a power press.
  3. Power press user management should allow only fully qualified press operators and die setters to work on a power press.
  4. Power press user management must assume responsibility for selecting and installing effective die guards.
  5. Point of operation guards are the best method to ensure proper protection of the operator.
  6. Avoid over-loading. Know the available press tonnage and power stroke. Install only dies which are safe and of the proper size.

NOTE: All Kenco presses are designed and manufactured with the intent to meet the safety requirements of OSHA and ANSI B11.1. The implementation of all applicable regulations, including final guarding concepts, is the responsibility of the end user.