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The Kenco Kompac press is a versatile, small press that provides a reliable, cost-effective choice for crimping, punching, blanking, forming, bending and stamping applications.

Available in a 3 or 5 ton model, Kompac presses are designed for fast set-up and operation in virtually any application or process. The "C" frame design makes die changes simple and fast, with larger throat and bed sizes to accept larger die sets. The flywheel and connecting rod are fully enclosed for safety, yet readily accessible for manual cycling and maintenance.

All Kenco Kompac presses have rugged, rib reinforced frames which minimize deflection and die wear for higher part quality and longer tool life. Fully ground "V" ways ensure accurate, consistent tool alignment. Our exclusive roller clutch is engineered of high strength, heat treated steel alloy for dependable high-speed, long-term operation.

Other standard features of the Kenco Kompac Press include:

  • Solid state anti-repeat control
  • Magnetic contactor with overload switch
  • Top start feature
  • Lockable safety disconnect switch
  • Friction drag brake
  • Stroke counter with reset
  • Full flywheel and connecting rod enclosure



3K Kompac

5K Kompac




Speed [spm]



Variable Speed

(100 - 300 spm)

(95 - 285 spm)

Clutch Type

roller clutch

roller clutch

Frame Opening


7", 9"

Throat Depth
[frame to ram centerline]



Standard Stroke Lengths

1", 1.5"
(1.125", 1.25" or 2" optional)

1", 1.5"
(1.125", 1.25" or 2" optional)

Standard Ram Shank Diameter



Flywheel [dia. x width]

10" x 2.25"

12" x 2.50"

Flywheel Weight

30 lb

50 lb


1/3 HP

1/2 HP

Power Feed

115V-1 Phase-60Hz

115V-1 Phase-60Hz

Bolster Plate

.625" x 5.75" x 10.25"

1" x 6.25" x 12.25"

Floor Stand Weight

40 lbs

40 lbs

Overall Weight

190 lbs

280 lbs

Kenco also offers many options which will allow you to tailor the Kompac press to your specific manufacturing requirements.  These include:

  • Variable speed
  • Manual or automatic lubrication
  • Oil or grease lubrication
  • Heavy duty shielded palm switches
  • Supervisory control of foot or two hand actuation
  • Supervisory control of single stroke or continuous operation
  • Shielded foot switch
  • Worklight
  • Bolster plate
  • Floor stand

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