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"Hands in Die" refers to production systems where the operator is required to place his hands or fingers in the work area to place or remove material. Because the operator is within the safeguarded point of operation, great care must be taken by the employer to ensure that all-applicable OSHA / ANSI safety requirements are observed.

"Hands Out of Die" refers to applications where all material feeding, parts removal, and scrap handling is accomplished (1) automatically by auxiliary equipment or (2) by the operator, without the need for them to place their hands in the safeguarded point of operation.

Kenco roller clutch equipped presses provide an economical solution to "Hands Out of Die" production needs. The Kenco roller clutch distributes forces uniformly through the clutch providing fast reliable long-term production. By hard guarding the point of operation, Kenco full revolution presses provide high productivity without the need for additional air-lines or high cost controls.

"Terminating" is the process of applying [crimping] a connector or terminal to the end of an electric wire and is used in the mass production of wire harnesses for automotive, telecommunications, computer and appliance manufacturing. For over 50 years, Kenco has manufactured thousands of crimping presses including brand labeled presses for AMP, Molex®, Delphi Packard Electric, and ETCO.