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Every Kenco press is engineered with four principles in mind:

  • High Quality: Kenco presses are made of industry proven materials and components that meet or exceed applicable industry standards [OSHA and/or ANSI].
  • Modular Design: Kenco presses are compact and can be easily integrated into automated manufacturing cells.
  • Easy to Use & Maintain: Kenco presses are designed for easy set-up and operation, and require little maintenance.
  • Value Priced: Kenco presses offer durability, quality, and performance to provide years of trouble free production - making them the long-term economical choice in press equipment.

Many design features incorporated into each Kenco Press are often overlooked, yet the benefits are unmistakable!

Kenco press frames are developed using computer-aided design tools. Made from cast iron, they offer exceptional rigidity to minimize deflection. This results in increased tool life and permits high precision production. The C-frame design provides large throat depths and bed sizes for accepting larger die sets, and offers easy access for material feeding.

Crankshafts are precision machined to exceedingly close tolerances and main crank bearing housings are precision line bored. Main crank bearings and bearing surfaces are ground to exacting specifications. All of which ensures a long life of consistent performance.

Kenco's roller clutch is made of heat-treated, high strength steel alloy. During the manufacturing process, it is precision ground to ensure smooth and even load distribution, which provides reliable performance along with long, trouble free service life.

Extra long rams with full 90° "V" ways maintain true tooling alignment and guidance for high accuracy and repeatability. This results in longer tool life and high quality parts.

Kenco press flywheels are computer designed for optimum weight distribution. The dual roller bearings provide two support points on the crankshaft, which increases stability. Sealed to prevent dirt penetration, these bearings maintain lubrication longer and produce less friction than standard bearings.


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